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Help bring Brigette the piglet home

Imagine bringing home your new pet, the one you have dreamed of owning since childhood, only to have the pet go missing within hours. That is the nightmare that Ola Kachmarchuk is living. Brigette, the potbelly piglet, is just two months old. She had only been home for two hours when she went missing on Wednesday, July 8 from Smallwood Acres Campground. “They are very fast,” says owner Ola. “Brigette is not familiar with the area. I’ve put out food and water, put up posters, and searched the area. Her brother, Oliver, misses her too.” Smallwood Acres is located at the corner of Mill Street and Dublin Line. Brigette is only about six pounds but she has distinct markings. “She looks like a large chipmunk,” says Kachmarchuk. She has been sighted as recently as the early hours of July 11. Please report any sightings by texting or calling (587)834-3680. Help bring Brigette home.


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