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Help Food for Life ‘Grow the Good’ - Local Charity Needs your Help in Matching Campaign

Food for Life is a non-profit registered charity and has been named one of the top 10 charities in the country.” states their website. “Since our inception in 1995, Food for Life has rescued over 26 million pounds of food by collecting surplus perishable food (fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and prepared foods) from both retail and wholesale food suppliers and grocery stores. We are the largest food rescue organization in Halton and Hamilton.”

Also from their website, “Food for Life holds a unique niche among Canadian food relief charities in that we focus on redistributing fresh, nutritious food. Our clients tell us that they are often not able to afford fresh food and that having access to this healthy food allows them to focus on obtaining other life essentials as they work towards no longer relying on our services.”

Like most charities, this one has been impacted by COVID, Lori Brading, Community Lead for Food for Life in Milton, Georgetown, and Acton, tells Acton UP. “Programs and events are scaled back or canceled with COVID.” And now Food for Life is facing a new challenge. They need a new delivery truck.

Despite these challenges, Food for Life has pivoted to meet their clients’ needs. The delivery model has had to change from a “market style” where clients selected their fresh foods, to a bagged model where clients receive pre-bagged items weekly. The group has also recently added a “Good Food Fridge” at the Georgetown Public Library where “Families and individuals can access good food and healthy snack bags during library hours.” According to their Instagram feed (@foodforlifecan).

A new initiative is underway from now until the end of June to help meet this need as well as the high demand for their services. It’s called ‘Grow the Good’. This is a matching campaign and for every dollar donated (up to $250,000) the Sprott Foundation will match your donation.

Brading explains the matching campaign, “$1 translated to four meals. Now if you donate $1 you are providing meals to eight families because it is being matched by the Sprott Family.”

The Food for Life programs assist “approximately 130 families in Acton, 40 of which are seniors” according to Kati Legge, an Acton Community Volunteer Lead.

Donating is easy. Go to and click on the donate button. While there isn’t currently a need for volunteers, Brading is sure there will be as COVID restrictions begin to ease. You can also support by following and promoting them on social media, @foodforlifecan on Instagram and



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