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The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) released a decision today on the 2012 application submitted by James Dick Construction Ltd. to the Guelph/Ermosa Township to rezone 100 acre parcel of land to establish a quarry. The decision approves the quarry with conditions; the Town is reviewing the decision. The Town of Halton Hills with Halton Region was a joint party to the appeal. Halton Hills has repeatedly expressed concern about the project, noting that the municipality would serve as a through fare for haul trucks carrying aggregate. Truck traffic, noise and the ability to negotiate haul routes are among the Town’s concerns, not to mention public safety and air quality. “It is ridiculous that the Town cannot have any say over designated haul routes,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. “It is unacceptable that our municipality will suffer the negative impacts of quarry operations that do nothing for our community particularly when there hasn’t even been a demonstrated need for yet another quarry operation.” The Mayor noted that there have been numerous objections to the quarry including a group called the Concerned Residents Coalition. He applauded their advocacy efforts and fundraising noting that they have paid out of pocket for technical experts and litigation. In addition to appealing the quarry application, the Town also submitted several recommendations to the Minister of Natural Resources in regards to amendments to the Aggregate Resources Act. The proposed changes include: • Allowing municipalities the opportunity to provide input to amendments to current aggregate operations • Allowing municipalities to apply local by-laws without restriction, on projects that impact the community and environment • Allowing municipalities authority over local truck haul routes. The Mayor noted that collaborative discussions with Dufferin Aggregates had resulted in a truck monitoring initiative to ensure route compliance of trucks operated by third party brokers. “I’d like to see this same approach applied to the Hidden Quarry project,” he said. Acton truck traffic and the associated safety and environmental impacts have been an ongoing issue for the Town. Last October, the Mayor continued his advocacy to the Minister of Transportation for an Acton By-Pass Feasibility Study– a request supported by Ted Arnott, MPP Wellington-Halton Hills who issued a private members bill in 2017.

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