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High Speed Chase Ends with Stolen Car In Ditch, (Acton and Erin)

High Speed Chase Ends with Stolen Car In Ditch, (Acton and Erin)

On Friday evening (August 9th) a high speed chase resulted in 2 suspects being taken into custody, and recovery of a stolen Mercedes.

The OPP and Halton Police joined forces in apprehending the suspects from the chase which ultimately resulted in the stolen car ending up in a ditch at the corner of 3rd Line and Wellington Road 50 between Acton and Erin.

“One of our officers on proactive patrol saw a stolen Mercedes. He didn’t initiate a pursuit. The Mercedes ended up getting stopped at the railroad tracks, so he went to approach the driver and the driver initiated contact with the police car and turned around and went north on 25 towards 50”, said Sergeant Dodds of Halton Regional Police Service.

After the car fled from the Halton Police Officer a pursuit of the stolen vehicle was engaged but then was quickly discontinued.

“ There was a small pursuit, it was immediately discontinued because of the speeds.”

After discontinuation of the pursuit Halton Regional Police notified the OPP who dispatched the K9 unit.

“We advised OPP and OPP found the car in a ditch. A K9 track was done and the suspects have been apprehended”.

(Remains of where car entered ditch)

There was a post by someone on Erin Community Talk’s Facebook group alleging to have spoken with an Officer about the incident.

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