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Legion News (12/05/22)

Things have been quiet during weekday evenings down at the branch since the cards and dart leagues are now on hiatus. But not so at weekends where we are seeing crowds not seen since before COVID. Friday night socials, stag and doe parties and weekend concerts are bringing folk in like never before.

Relaxing of COVID rules has also allowed us to finally say goodbye to friends who passed away during the pandemic. We have a series of “Celebrations of Life” booked in the main hall throughout May and June.

Last month I spoke to Knesia Sholdra who is the Associate Director, Philanthropy & events at Georgetown Hospital Foundation. Our membership has been asking us to donate to the hospital even though our rules restrict us from donating to nonveteran institutions. We worked with command and as a result, Branch 197 is proud to announce a $5150.00 donation toward a new Vital Sign Monitor for Georgetown Hospital. We are very pleased to be able make the donation from our Poppy fund. Knesia and

On Thursday May 5th our Ladies Auxiliary held their elections after a three year wait. Ladies, your new exec is President Sue Poulsen, first vice Lori Savage, second vice Angie Mowat, Secretary Courtney Hastie, treasurer Joanne Knight.

On Monday May 9th, the branch was also able to hold their elections after a three year wait, and the following members were elected to new posts :

President Peggy Graham, first vice Les Bentley, second vice Pat Graham and third vice Percy Harding.

Also joining the board are John Knight, Lynda Fischer, Ian Munday, Angie Palmer, and Laura Cooper.

Please check the webpage at, and in addition we will be posting information on Social- Media.

Branch 197. He can be reached at




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