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Legion News (16/11/22)

Legion News November is the most important month for the Legion as Remembrance Day occurs currently. This year the Saturday parade was bigger than ever now that we seem to have put Covid behind us. We welcomed back cadets to our ranks and most pleasingly we witnessed the Acton Citizens band play the national anthems for us. Following the Parade the Ladies Auxiliary put on a splendid lunch back at the branch, attended by Veterans, Lorne Scots, and Politicians. In Michael Chong’s Absence we welcomed Senator Robert Black to lay the Government of Canada wreath. The biggest surprise occurred on the eleventh when we finally saw the return of the schools’ contingents, there must have been a hundred children in attendance, and their ranks were swelled by parents, making this the largest November 11th gathering we have seen in years. Of course, the weather played its part. Peggy was delighted with this years turn out, and thanks the public for their support. As a Veteran, I proudly wear my Legion Veterans cap wherever I go. People often stop me to say thank you for your service. So I should not have been surprised when a young boy with his father in tow, stopped me at the end of this years ceremony and handed me a card as he said thank you for your service, not unusual as there were a number of school kids handing out these, cards to Veterans like myself, but the thing is that this young man was wearing a Navy League uniform and on seeing this ,the memories flooded back to my Navy days and all my former comrades. A moment that caught me off guard, but a moment to treasure. Thank You, Dylan. You made my day !! On behalf of the Eexecutive.and members , we offer our deepest sympathy to Hazel Champagne and family on the loss of our comrade Rheal. He was always a willing volunteer for bar crews and barbequing at our branch. His contribution to the bowling organization over many years was noted at his celebration of life. We will miss Rheal at our branch. Darts and card Leagues are now in full swing, and Friday night trivia Fridays are becoming very popular. Check the website for upcoming events such as Golf appreciation night, Trivia night, Breakfast with Santa, and the annual Turkey Roll. Please check the webpage at, and in addition we will be posting information on Social- Media. Branch r. He can be reached at DAVID MALONEY PRO BRANCH 197. ACTON


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