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Lighting Acton UP - Christmas Light Tour

This is the Acton UP's Acton Christmas light highlight tour. If your home was missed please drop a comment below so people can include you in their tour. Instructions to enjoy this tour: get in your car, crank the Christmas tunes, turn on your GPS, and follow this route. The drive starts at the Tim Horton’s drive thru for hot beverages. Maybe bring some bake goods or popcorn, whatever gets you feeling festive (but please, don’t drink and drive) Follow this route. (Info in brackets are the house numbers/places we felt went the extra mile!)

  • Out of Tim Horton’s parking lot turn left onto Meadvale Road

  • left on to Westcott (There are a few well decorated yards on Westcott)

  • right on Churchill (the corner of Orville and Chruchill Rd S)

  • left on Kingsley Rd

  • left on Tanners Dr

  • left on Dawkins Cres (16)

  • continue across Tanners to Rennie St

  • left on Elliot Dr (19)

  • right Tanners Dr

  • Cross Highway 7 (Acton Sports Park)

  • Left Bonnette (34)

  • Right on Hurst (30)

  • Right on Somerville

  • Left on Tanners

  • Right on Churchill

  • Left on McDonald Blvd

  • Right on Acton Blvd

  • Left on Division (81)

  • Left on Norman Ave

  • Right on Rosemary (30, 28, 8)

  • Left on George St

  • Left on Arthur St

  • Right on Wellington St

  • Right on Peel St (241)

  • Right on Hwy 7

  • Right on Bower (137)

  • Right on Willow St

  • Left on Saint Albans Drive

  • Right on Highway 25 (go north to see RML, Yourway Auto and Keller)

  • Turn around safely and head back in to town

  • Right on Elizabeth Dr

  • Right on Elmore (244, 212)

  • Left on Elizabeth back out to Highway 25.

AND THIS IS WHERE OUR TOUR ENDS. We hope you enjoyed!


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