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Local 3D Printing Group Fighting COVID-19

If you’ve been following COVID-19 with Acton UP, you are likely familiar with the name Dr. Nadia Alam. She is the physician leading the charge collecting personal protective equipment (PPE) for use in community health care. She also oversees the Halton Hills PPE Sewers Group from Facebook who we featured a couple weeks ago. Add to that today’s feature, the Halton Hills 3D Printing/Maker COVID-19 Response Facebook Group, and it all adds up to one busy physician. With the help of Georgetown maker Michael Yingbull, this group has already delivered 130 face shields with more ready to be assembled. There are currently six active makers in the group. Each shield takes about an hour to print. According to their Facebook page “If you have the capability to print PETG or ABS that is excellent, however PLA filament prints are welcome. You do not need to source the face shield component or the straps, we just need the print. If you have a wide nozzle to print with that is fantastic but the ‘typical’ 0.4mm nozzles do a great job.” Yingbull says “This is a great stop gap measure, but it is not sustainable. Thankfully places like Superior Glove and other local injection molding companies are beginning industrial builds.” Another project Yingbull and Dr. Alam are working on, in conjunction with Toronto Hospital For Sick Children and the University of Toronto, is a new 3D printed mask based off the “Montana Mask” design. Yingbull explains “The goal of the mask is to make one that is safe to use in clinical setting - but also helping address the understanding of filter materials, since the DIY people printing masks are doing things like the fibreglass containing furnace filters, etc. We are aiming to make the mask one that is droplet level (which protects in a most clinical settings from COVID), but also working to get to and verify N95 level if possible.” If you have a 3D printer and the time to help this group you can contact the through Facebook or email All the files will be provided.


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