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Local Acton Fitness Trainer 'Pays it Forward'

A discussion with local entrepreneur Leanne Monaghan

Leanne Monaghan is a local Halton business owner who owns meditation and fitness club "Staying Alive Wellness Clinic". With years of experience and a decade of helping the community Leanne is passionate about providing ways to help others get their life in shape through physical activity and meditation.

Leanne is devoted to aiding the community in healing their mind, body, and soul. Leanne started her own program titled, “Learning to Mediate with Leanne” that provides humanitarian aid to the Ukraine. Leanne comments on her website,

“Thank you to everyone for supporting our initiative to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine by participating in the Learn To Meditate With Leanne class.”

Acton UP reached out to Leanne and conducted an interview regarding her newest program, “Pay it Forward” where she discusses her goal as a healer and her personal experiences with health. “Pay it Forward” will be released April 13, 2022. The program promotes wellness and health through pilates, yoga, plyometrics, circuits, weights and cardio. However, her work doesn’t only aid the body but also the mind through her mediation work.

How did you get involved with meditation?

"I am the owner of Staying Alive fitness, coach and love supporting others on their wellness journey.I started to work in meditation 20 years ago. When I had cervical cancer, it showed me a way to create calm within and it's a way to access it, daily rituals and share the gift of meditation."

What has the reception been like towards your meditation aid for the Ukraine in the participation in “Learn To Meditate With Leanne” class?

"Nothing but a positive result, people are using the techniques to help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and sleep better. Accessing their own intuitive power, it’s a nice way to come together as a community to help Ukraine, it's a win-win. It's the gift that keeps on giving. They can go home and use these new tools and become the best version of themselves to show up for people in their own life. You end up paying it forward. Act local, think global."

How has the Acton Community been receiving your meditation business?

"The meditation program has been really well received. I am getting wonderful feedback and so glad. The Pay It Forward program is for everyone, an opportunity for a reset. Workshops, 6am, group coaching, resources and laser 1:1 coaching. I’m excited and I hope people take this opportunity and spread the word to their family and friends. It’s the gift that keeps on giving."

One can register to “Pay it Forward” through the following link, For further information, one can contact Leanne at 905-699-4115 or on her website here,


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