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Man dies in workplace accident at Euro-Lift, Georgetown

Man dies in workplace accident at Euro-Lift, Georgetown A 48 year old Brampton man, Tony Abdulhalim Farah has died at Euro-Lift in Georgetown, after a tragic workplace accident that took place Thursday August 8 at 1:15 p.m. Tony who has worked at Euro-Lift for five years and five months as a Mechanic, with a total of 25 years of mechanic experience was crushed by a skid steer while attempting to perform maintenance on the machine. A skid steer is industrial equipment used at the company to load skids. “He was working on a [skid steer] and he didn’t lock the pins I guess, and the [skid steer] came over onto him and he got crushed”, stated Euro-Lift owner, Alex Unun. “I’ve known him about 20 years, he was working on the [skid steer] for the pump or a broken bolt or something which was leaking oil”, explained Alex “He did something in there and then the [skid steer] came and crushed him between the chassis and he was instant[ly]dead when I pulled him out”. According to the Euro-Lift owner, the Ministry of Labour is still investigating the incident. “We don’t know exactly what happened, as I said the Engineer is still investigating.” Acton UP did reach out to the Ministry of Labour and is still awaiting a statement. (See Update below) After the accident Alex started a GoFundMe on behalf of Euro-Lift for Tony’s family with the goal of $50,000 with (at the time of this article) over $4300 already being raised. The GoFundMe was posted on various Facebook groups with people falsely claiming the GoFundMe is fake or a scam. “My heart is melting because this guy has three kids” said Alex “He didn’t have a mortgage, insurance, nothing. I just paid personally his funeral costs. And a lady called and she wrote it on the website or the GoFundMe that 'it is fake, don’t donate any money', and it breaks my heart", exclaimed Alex. “We have benefits, but at the end of the day they don’t give too much money. I just spoke with the benefits company and they are supposed to give $25000, but today $25000 with three kids is nothing. So like I said I am trying to help the family”. You can find the GoFundMe for Tony’s family here. Update: Ministry Spokesperson Janet Deline released a statement to Acton UP on behalf of the Ministry of Labour. “The ministry of labour was saddened to hear that on August 8 we were notified of an incident at Euro Lift located in Georgetown, it was reported a worker was working under a [skid steer] when the bucket fell on the worker and the worker did succumb to their injuries". "Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of the person who passed away". "So, we do have Ministry Inspectors assigned to investigate, so far they had issued one requirement to Euro-Lift Rental and Sales. That requirement has been complied with already. And on August 12, the inspectors continued their investigation, they issued one requirement to Decor Building Restoration Limited, that is the owner of the [skid steer] and that requirement is still outstanding. So our investigation is still ongoing. “


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