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Mayor’s Monthly Column - January 2021

Welcome to 2021. Let’s hope it is better than 2020 which was a most difficult year for most of us.

As a reminder, you can find the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 pandemic on the Town’s website at We have a page dedicated to COVID-19, messages from myself and press releases issued by the Town. For inquiries regarding current COVID-19 restrictions residents should call 311 and the COVID-19 hotline at (905) 825-4722 to report COVID-19 non-compliance. The Town must follow the rules and regulations set down by the Provincial Government.

I want parents to be extra diligent and warn your kids to keep off our storm water ponds. I received a few emails and tweets asking why the kids were asked to leave from skating and/or playing hockey on them. These ponds are designed to take run off from roads which includes salt. This results in inconsistent ice thickness. This is a significant safety issue. Just last month Milton had a tragedy where a youngster lost his life playing on one.

Speaking of ice and snow, did you know the Town clears around 160 kms of sidewalks during the winter months? An example of sidewalks to be cleared are in the downtown areas of Acton, Georgetown, Guelph Street, near schools, etc. We have a lot of seniors and those who are vulnerable needing to use the sidewalks in front of your house. So, let’s use the Ben Wick’s motto for the City of Toronto, “Be Nice and Clear Your Ice”.

Many small businesses and restaurants have been hit very hard with the pandemic. Please support them wherever you can. Takeout food still tastes great at home! Remember our small business are your friends and neighbours and they always step up in sponsoring local events and teams.


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