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Mayor’s Monthly Column - November 2020

Our business community has struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, more than ever, let’s support them in the upcoming holiday season. Local businesses are the ones who sponsor events, your kids sports teams, and gives employment. The success of our business community is key to the Town’s ability to deliver services that our residents rely on each and every day. This year let’s shop smart, shop local, shop Halton Hills.

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In recent years and most recently since the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns with speeding throughout the Town has been one of the most prominent issues raised in our community. There isn’t a week goes by without myself or Councillors getting a complaint. Council understands the community’s concerns as it relates to speeding in our neighbourhoods and wants to ensure our residents that road safety is one of the Town’s main focus areas and priorities.

Last year Town Council approved a Traffic Calming Implementation Protocol. This multiple step process starts by receiving speeding concerns from the public for a specific street or area. In response to the initial speeding concerns, the Radar Messaging Board is deployed on the roadway that indicates the actual operating speed of vehicles and assists in educating both the residents and the motorists of their speeds. In many cases, no further investigation is required. If excessive speeds are documented, Halton Regional Police Service is advised and requested to conduct enforcement when resources are available. If speeding continues, detailed traffic data is collected over a period of time and a complete screening process is initiated to determine if traffic calming measures are warranted.

Traffic calming measures can include a variety of effective options such as speed humps, curb extensions, pavement markings, signage, bollards and permanent radar messaging boards. Each location is reviewed using a neighbourhood traffic calming approach to ensure that all roads within an area are evaluated to determine the appropriate traffic calming measure. For more information on the Town’s Traffic Calming Implementation Protocol please go to the following link:


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