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In a recently posted message, Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette decried the actions of the Province by speaking out against Bill 108 the ‘More Homes, More Choice Act. “It is not just disappointing that the Province did not listen to us (municipalities) but it is disconcerting. This is not how we build partnerships,” he said. Bill 108 was passed by the Province of Ontario on June 6 containing legislative amendments around 13 different statutes. Of significance are changes that will impact municipal land planning processes including how development charges are collected and applied. The Mayor voiced his concerns in a written statement posted on the Town’s website that reads in part: “This Bill will mean new growth will pay even less of its true costs and you, the existing taxpayer, will have to make up the difference.” Halton Hills Council had always taken the view that growth should pay for itself. Also passed was what is effectively seen as a return to the former Ontario Municipal Board process whereby development disputes could be settled by an independent body. Mayor Bonnette and counterparts across the Province had long lobbied to get rid of the OMB process and were satisfied with the new Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) and its scoped authority. The change in legislation means that the final say in municipal planning decisions rests with LPAT – not the municipality - and subsequently it can overturn Council decisions. Bill 108 regulations are still pending from the Province. To read the Mayor's full statement and staff reports on Bill 108 regarding proposed changes and resulting impacts, click here.


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