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Meet Candidate for Ward 2 Councillor: Peter Snow

“Building a Community for the Future”

Peter Snow is a registered social worker, who filed for council on July 19th, 2022. Snow is an educated man who received his Master of Social work from the University of Toronto many years prior. Snow’s work background includes shelters, community centres, food programs, hospitals, primary care, universities, and private psychotherapy. Snow cares deeply about the community within Ward 2 and is dedicated to making a difference within the district. Snow lives in Limehouse since 2010 and has been a volunteer with Limehouse Memorial Hall, Timbit’s Hockey, and the HHMBA. Snow joined Acton UP in an interview to discuss the significance of his campaign and his goals if he is elected councillor.

Snow shares, “I am running for council because I care about Halton Hills. I care about building a community for the future, for our children, for our families, for our seniors. I care about creating and maintaining a place where everyone feels welcome, and where everyone can enjoy the prosperity and joy that comes from living in Halton Hills.”

Snow’s campaign will focus on building a livable community, “this means jobs that pay a living wage,” comments Snow. “Housing that is affordable for everyone.” Snow is also concerned about environmental protections and social programs that support children, seniors the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Snow argues that he is an extremely dedicated worker who enjoys serving the public and “meeting with people on their darkest days and helping them find a resolution to their problems.” Snow says,

“I want to do that for you. I'm here because I genuinely care about all of you, about this whole community. I want to see it prosper through the challenges of the next 4 years and beyond. We can lay a foundation for a prosperous future with quality employment, affordable homes, and to be more than another Toronto suburb of oversized homes spreading out to the horizon.”

Snow believes that answering the concerns of the residents is central to the councillor's role and throughout his career, he has worked with many walks of life and knows how to deal with difficult situations. “ Learning to appreciate another's perspective and to collaborate with them is an essential skill in government.” Shares Snow, “ I want to work with residents to solve their problems, work with the council to be proactive, and work with town staff to find the best solutions for our residents and the community at large.”

Ultimately, Snow believes he is an excellent candidate because he genuinely cares about the community and he understands how to communicate effectively with kindness. Snow concludes with, “I'm running because I care about the community, because I want a council that is compassionate and understands the broad experiences of the people who live here. I want to prepare for the future.”

To find out more about Peter you can go to his Facebook page :


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