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*NEW* Acton Dance Studio, Where Dancers Become Family - The Dance Impact

*NEW* Acton Dance Studio, Where Dancers Become Family - The Dance Impact

Dance is a “performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement”, but beyond physical movement, it also moves people closer together, and one Acton dance studio, says it moves them to even become, family.

Last Tuesday evening August 19th, Acton saw the grand opening of its newest dance studio “The Dance Impact”, this comes after the recent closure of TDI (Total Dance Innovations) which has now transitioned into the new studio located at 15 Mill Street West, Acton.

“After 20 years I decided that I would like to do other things, move on, and concentrate mostly on my teaching.” said Lynda Yurkin, Owner of the former TDI dance studio. “ I’ve known Meagan for several years, she was a student, as well as a teacher here, and I always knew she would be a great studio owner, so it just seemed natural that when I was ready to give up owning the business that she would be perfect for the position”.

Meagan Speakman (Owner of The Dance Impact) was clearly in high spirits “I’m very excited, tonight was actually the most excited i’ve been seeing people actually in the space”.

Meagan who originally grew up in Acton, later moved to Toronto, but still stayed teaching in Acton, beyond being Owner of The Dance Impact, also is a coach for the Toronto Rock cheerleading team.

Meagan who started dancing at the young age of 4 talked about her transition, from Student to Teacher to Owner, “ It’s been a tough transition. I grew up dancing here, and instantly felt like part of the family, and a lot of these teachers are teachers that I’ve danced with, and most of them are some of my best friends. Like we still have the same inside jokes that we’ve shared since we’ve been 15.” said Meagan with a giggle. “ The transition to a teacher felt like a no brainer, because I was here all the time, and I loved working with kids, so Lynda put me through her teacher program at the time, and she gave me my classes, and it kinda took off from there.”

Meagan’s mother, Sheri Speakman who also dances at the studio spoke of how Meagan is pursuing her calling “this is her destiny, and she is exactly where she belongs.” She also told us about Meagan’s start in dancing “ We first tried her in soccer, and she spent more time in the field swinging her hair back and forth and chatting to the other little girls. We realized soccer was not her gig, so we tried dance and that was it. Meagan is who she is today because of dance.”

Valerie Montini, Teacher and Student at The Dance Impact stated“ Meagan is a great teacher, she is like full of energy all the time, and she gets me pumped UP to dance”

Yurkin (former owner) says she is “so proud of Meagan for taking over the studio, it’s been a great 20 years, and just I am so thankful to pass the reigns on to her after these wonderful 20 years in business, and I know that she is going to be a fabulous studio owner.”

The Dance Impact will offer classes for all capabilities including, “Recreational, Part Time Competitive and Full Time Competitive programs. There are classes for everyone from Pre-Dance to Adult!”

Classes which range from Jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, acro, musical theatre, contemporary, lyrical, cheer jazz and more start September 16th. You can find out more information at


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