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New website features and freebies

Welcome everyone to our new site.

If you had not noticed yet, we have made some huge changes.

With the recent success of our youtube videos, we have seen a constant flow of new traffic to our old website, the problem was, there was no way to keep people there. Our website was updated weekly, but the main update was a change to our episode, whose primary platform was youtube.

With our new website, we have added countless new features which aim not only to improve our website and business but more importantly, Acton as a whole.

Our homepage is where you can see our various headlines, from news in the community to police and fire reports, to the Mayoral address. Also on our homepage is weather which is constantly updated.

Though the site is more or less in the format of an online newspaper it is designed to turn into an online community for Acton.

There is our news section, which provides you various news from various sources around the community.

We are also pleased to announce that we have 2 new team members LD McKenzie and Lyndsey Hole who will be writing articles for us.

Our new episode page is more organized than its predecessor not only showing this weeks video, but also organizing our videos into seasons which you can easily browse through.

The community page allows users to see what is going on in the community and within various organizations within the community, there you will find an event page and places to volunteer, plus we already have a few sources contributing, from Inspire Halton, The Town Of Halton Hills, Halton Hills Library, POWER (Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources) and the Acton Community Garden. If you have a charity or not for profit that would like to contribute on a weekly or monthly basis let us know, this is free for the contributor and the user. We are constantly looking to grow.

The social portion of our site is where you can find all of our social media, you can also leave comments there for us, the page or for Acton to see.

Under the weather tab, you will find, you guessed it, weather, this is constantly being updated. There is not only a current weather but also morning evening and night, as well as hourly forecast and a radar map.

In the "About" section you can find the story of Acton UP, as well as Biographies of the founders including myself and Alex Hilson, as well as biographies of our writers and contributors.

Next to our "About", you will find our "Sports" section. This is where you can find updates on various sports around the community, currently with the Acton Chargers and North Halton Twisters, as well as Acton Villa Soccer and much more to come. If you'd like your team or organization featured let us know. This is also free for contributors

Our next four sections are currently not working but will be as we are given information towards them. There was only so much we were able to do pre-launch.

But in the near future, we will have Emergency updates, from Police and Fire.

As well there will be "Obituaries" and memorials which are free to the public. We know funerals and deaths are expensive and troubling times, we'd like to use our website to negate that as much as possible. Any obituaries can be sent to us through our contact us the portion of the site.

Also, you will find a" Births" section which will also be free to the public for the time being. Any birth notices can be sent using contact us button.

Also included is a "missing person", and "missing pets" section which ideally we would also like to keep free for the public. Any missing persons or pets can also be sent through the contact button located on the page.

All of these things listed are just the foundation of the new site, though we believe this is a strong foundation to build off, there is a lot more planned on coming to the site. Be sure to check back frequently to see all the UPdates and changes.


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