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Rotary Club Trunk Sales Returns after Two Years

Trunk sale Happening May Long Weekend Until Thanksgiving

After two long years, the Rotary Club is thrilled to invite locals back to the trunk sales, every Saturday (weather permitting) from 7:30 am until 12:30 pm at the Acton Go Station parking lot.

Michael Lee the Chair of the trunk sales for the Rotary Club joined Acton UP for an interview regarding the recommence of the annual trunk sales. Michael explains a little bit of the history of the Rotary Club with us,

“The Rotary Club of Acton, first formed in 1948, has been and continues to be very active in the Acton/Rockwood/Limehouse community through numerous standing committees, including fundraising special purpose committees. Our standing committees and special purpose committees organize and run local charity activities on an ongoing basis and our fundraising committees work hard to raise the money needed by our other committees to undertake the work they do.”

The Rotary Club has been previously involved with fundraising events, typically raising up to twenty-thousand a year and sharing the donations through community events. The Rotary Club participates in things like the Christmas Hamper Program in Acton, the renovation of Acton Town Hall and the Air Canada Dreams Take Flight program which sends local children from Acton to Disney World for the day. Michael shares other Rotary Club successes such as,

“ ‘Access for Arden,’ which was a team effort by three service clubs, the Acton Rotary, the Rockwood Lions Club and the Georgetown Optimists. The goal was to raise at least $10,000 to renovate the home of a young girl living in Rockwood and suffering from Acute Necrotizing Encephalitis, to make her home wheelchair accessible. This campaign was named the New Tanner's Service Club of the Year project in 2016. Special programs such as the Access for Arden campaign give us the opportunity to help local people with special needs live a better life.”

The Trunk Sale is a fundraiser, a flea market on wheels where thirty to forty vendors will assemble in the Go Station parking lot in Acton. Around 7:30 am the general public starts to arrive and shop around. There are volunteer opportunities for those who would like to participate to help set up the trunk sales or in any other Rotary Club fundraisers.

Michael shares, “The work and programs of the Rotary Club of Acton help to make our communities a special place to live. We are always eager to welcome new members and volunteers that are looking to give back.”

For any more information regarding the Rotary Club, one can observe the link, here or contact Michael Lee himself at, 416.928.4873 or


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