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Shrove Tuesday Celebration a Success at St Alban the Martyr Anglican Church

Over 100 people attended the Shrove Tuesday celebration at St Alban the Martyr Anglican Church in Halton Hills, enjoying a pancake dinner and sausages while raising several hundred dollars for the church. This was the first time the church had organized a Pancake Dinner in a number of years, and the community turnout was fantastic.

Town Councillor and Rector’s Warden Alex Hilson expressed his gratitude for the community's generosity saying, "We are so grateful for the support we received from the community in pulling it off. It was very successful by our standards, and we are grateful for that. Just another example of the great town we live in."

Organizer Sara Boyd was thrilled with the event's success, saying, "The pancake dinner was a huge success! It hasn’t been run for a while, and I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to bring people to St. Albans. We have a truly amazing community here at the church and a beautiful facility to host events. It was really wonderful being able to offer a free pancake dinner to everyone, and by only asking people for a free will offering, it allowed people to donate what they could in an effort to raise some money for the church. I am so thankful for the amazing volunteers we had."

The pancake dinner brought together members of the community for an evening of delicious food and good company, reminding everyone of the important role St Alban the Martyr Anglican Church plays in the community. The funds raised will support its programs and initiatives.

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is a Christian tradition that marks the beginning of Lent. In Canada and other western countries, it is a day for eating pancakes before the start of Lent, when many Christians traditionally give up certain foods or habits for the 40-day period leading up to Easter.

The church is looking forward to hosting more events in the future, with Sara Boyd sharing her elation about a new event coming up, saying, "I’m so excited for the new events we have coming up. We are running a 1 hour kids art program over the march break."


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