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Small Town Acton Girl makes the Top Ten Activators in the World!

Leanne Monaghan, Peak Performance Coach, based in Acton was awarded the Top 10 out of more than 1,400 consultants worldwide by Proctor Gallagher Institute June 10, 2022. Each week they acknowledge stars within their company.

We asked Leanne how she did it. Monaghan told us "I became the product of the product at a higher level meaning that I transformed into a new self image". She went on to say, “you can never outperform your self image. Nothing on the outside changed for me with work or homelife but I changed on the inside. Creating a new self image is an inside job.”

Leanne told Acton UP, “There's a need for this work right now - living from the inside out. People need support navigating issues like how to re-emerge after covid, navigating health and well-being, work, career and family life. Over the years of working with clients creating exercise routines, meal plans and teaching healthy habits weight release and better fitness levels would happen, but the results would not stick. There was a missing piece and the piece is they could not outperform their self image. They could not override their mental programming. After studying with Bob Proctor I discovered the missing key and how to help people change at a deeper level. I now not only assist people with their health and wellness but I help people understand their self image, limiting beliefs, and habits and create a new self image so their results will stick.”

Leanne's program is titled "Thinking Into Results" is the blueprint to take a person on a transformational journey from limiting beliefs, being stuck, living in fear and doubt to take you to where you want to grow.

Leanne Monaghan is a serial entrepreneur. She owns Staying Alive Fitness, Staying Alive Wellness Clinic and the Wellthy Academy. She believes in the 4 pillars of well- being - Mindset, Energy, Movement and Nourishment. She started to work in meditation 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer as a way to support her healing journey. Meditation, visualization and daily rituals have taught Leanne how to create a calm, healing energy within herself to keep her in optimal health. Since then, Leanne has dedicated her life to helping others live a life they deserve.

Leanne's favorite question - How do you change the world? “By ending the internal war within yourself! Change yourself - change the world because the world needs you!”

For more information on Leanne and her course - click here.


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