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The People Of Halton Hills Want Cannabis Stores

The People Of Halton Hills Want Cannabis Recently the Town of Halton Hills released the results of its survey regarding whether the people of Town of Halton Hills want Cannabis brick and mortar stores. Along with this survey there were also online surveys done by The IFP and Acton Tell and sell which was shared on Acton UP. The results were a clear yes in all surveys. The IFP survey asked the question “Should Halton Hills allow private cannabis stores to set up shop come April 1, 2019?”, in total there were 446 responses with the most popular response being “Yes, 100 per cent — cannabis is legal now and its business revenue is something Halton Hills can benefit from.” taking 79% of the vote, with 352 people total. The next most clicked on response was 15% or 67 votes for “Absolutely not — cannabis stores have no place within our community.” this was followed by 4% or 17 people with some concerns, and 2% or 10 people being indifferent. The Acton Tell and Sell also released a survey which was subsequently shared on Acton UP and received 486 responses, and similar to the IFP the results were also in the 70 percentile for yes. With 362 or 74% saying “Yes I am in favour of cannabis stores in Halton Hills” and 19% or 91 people saying “I am not in favour of cannabis stores in Halton Hills” and 7% or 33 people being indifferent. Following these surveys and Council’s December 17th decision for deferral in order to have public consolation the Town of Halton Hills released their own survey and still the results were largely in favour of yes to opting in. The town’s survey which ended up receiving 783 responses, 493 coming from online and 290 coming from in-person ballots. The towns results were as follows… 60.61% or 480 for yes. 37% or 289 for no. and 2% or 14 who are indifferent. The results also showed some interesting correlation to age, with the yes increasing for those as age got younger, and no’s increasing for those who are older. The town’s survey also asked people what their concerns were with cannabis, however the survey failed to tell people they did not need to respond to this question. People were asked to rank their concerns from 1-4 however it did not tell them they could leave the answer blank if they did not have any concerns. Participants were also invited to offer additional comments, of these the town summarized people’s comments as follows… Tomorrow, Monday January 21’st 2019, Council will vote on whether to allow Cannabis brick and mortar stores in Halton Hills, the only thing that remains to be seen is will Council follow the will of its people? we will see tomorrow. You can see the full results of the Town Of Halton Hills's survey here...


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