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The Power Behind Local POC Entrepreneurs: Art with Katrina Lindo

A Discussion about the pursuit of art.

Katrina Lindo is a 23-year-old multidisciplinary Halton artist who has been painting and drawing since they were five years old. For Katrina, art has been a way for them to grow with their community and within their own business. After graduating college in 2019, Katrina discovered their purpose with art was to express their own style using mixed materials, creating sculptures and painting bold line geometric art. Katrina’s art brings awareness for LGBTQ+ communities, discusses mental health, self-care and many other subjects.

How has your experience been as a POC entrepreneur?

I find it enjoyable to be able to live out my creativity and connect with others throughout the community. It builds a great feeling of knowing my purpose while learning, as I advance my skills and strive to leave a legacy for the future.

Do you find the POC community supports you in order to grow?

For myself, I have learned to adapt to social media by connecting with other artists and supporting their businesses. In return, it would be fulfilling to inspire others to express their creativity. I would encourage others to stay focused by making whatever art that is defined to them and those that will support it will come through. Others who don’t like my work and have their own critique encourage me to push through, and use the negative into a positive perspective.

Do you feel the media covers POC businesses and entrepreneurs enough?

Over time, the POC has shown more support through social media. This is because of, the history over the years, the impact of sacrifices, bravely the POC conquers achievements and continue to thrive while endorsing conflicts with society. Nationality is aligning together to find unity in supporting POC business.

This being said, we need more programs, youth clubs, and events captivating POC so that we can all educate one another and build a connection. This will strengthen the community and provide a safe space for all. Having black history month in February should have a continuous education of POC and still support by donating to organizations, volunteering, and following them on social media.

Katrina is a part of the Halton Black History Awareness Society and their artwork can be purchased on their business Instagram.

Title: (Orange Heart Emoji) x3

Date: July 1st, 2021

Medium: Marker on sketchbook paper

About: All Children matter movement, finding all the indigenous children at Residential Schools. This drawing is showing the lost children reconnecting with their loved ones and finding a powerful message in harmony.

Title: Self-Image

Date: February 29, 2022

Size: 20x32x40x24

Medium: Acrylic Paint

About: Three-body figures merged into one. This artwork is about a social media discussion on self-imagery, motherhood and femininity.

Title: Unity= Love Within Us

Date: Still in Process, will be on canvas. Drawing date Fin: Feb 5th, 2022.

Medium: Drawing made with Markers and Canvas will use Acrylic Paint, other mixed materials.

About: Captures a moment of two people having a passionate kiss, with the heart above them, representing unity. A connection we all have within us. A whole lot of love, no matter what race, religion, gender & sexuality, we all have a heart.


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