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The Reality of Realty in a Pandemic – Part II

Real Estate Professionals are here to provide one of the most essential and basic human needs – HOME. With the ever-changing environment we currently live in, the process to find, buy, sell or rent a home has changed and we as Realtors have adapted and continue to adapt.

I myself, took many steps to be able to work virtually before the pandemic and have taken many steps since to create a seamless professional and virtual work environment for myself and my clients. Any in-person meetings are carefully planned out to ensure a high level of comfort and protection for everyone present. I dedicate some of my daily schedule to further educating myself and staying up to date on the challenges surrounding my industry through way of Webinars, Online Classes, Zoom Meetings and Masterclasses. Afterall, what better time have we had to sharpen our skills and enrich our knowledge?

Keeping a close eye on the current market conditions in Acton specifically, here are some statistics to consider for the period of April 1 –

April 30, 2020

  • 11 homes sold firm at 98% of asking price

  • Average sale price in Acton - $692,450.00

  • 25 average days on market to sell

  • 3 listings adjusted their list price

  • As of April 30th, there are 14 active homes for sale in Acton

Contrasting to April, 2019

  • 10 homes sold firm at 99% of asking price

  • Average sale price in Acton - $650,640.00

  • 18 average days on market to sell

I hope that everyone has been keeping well during this time and please remember that we really are stronger together.


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