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Thousands of Orbeez Put Into Storm Drain In Acton East

Thousands of Orbeez put into storm drain in Acton East. Recently a new Youtube trend has been sweeping the internet with the toy known as Orbeez, (also known as Water Beads) which resulted in a storm drain being filled almost four inches deep in Acton East. An email was sent to Councillor Clark Somerville informing him about the mess. Clark in turn notified the Town of Halton Hills to clean up the storm drain. Subsequently, town workers arrived to vacuum out the water beads from the storm drain. The Youtube trend started with people filling up anything that can hold water, from bathtubs, to pools, even backyards with the beads. In this video, you can see popular YouTuber “Mr. Beast” fill up his friends backyard with 100 million Orbeez. After doing the prank, he does clarify that he and his friends cleaned all the Orbeez up, which he mentioned in a later video took him over two weeks to do. Orbeez, are polymer beads that after absorbing liquid expand greatly in size. Though Orbeez are biodegradable and non-toxic, they still will make a huge mess and may pose a threat to animals and young children, as a choking hazard. They are not meant to be ingestible and we certainly do not want them in our water supply. If people are using Orbeez or Water Beads, please do so in a controlled setting where they are not a risk to others.

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