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Today Acton Is Humboldt Strong

Today Acton is Humboldt Strong

It’s a sad time for Saskatchewan, for hockey communities, and really for all communities. As we read the news about 16 lives lost in a terrible tragedy we can’t help but think “What if it was us?”

On the evening of Friday April 6th 2018, at a rural intersection a team bus carrying 29 passengers plus the bus driver collided with a semi truck. The team was on its way to a play off game in the nearby town of Nipawin. As parents, friends and peers we simply can’t fathom the heartbreak of a small community that has become the heartbreak of a nation.

Today on April 12th to show solidarity, all across Canada towns are holding a jersey day. Adults and children are their jerseys, or the colours green and yellow, to show your support for the Humboldt Bronco's, the team, their families and a community impacted by unimaginable loss.

Our small community here in Acton is no exception, and today we see so many in our community doing what they can to show our support. Many local businesses such as Sobey's, The Red Harp, St Joes School, and Profile Hair Salon among others have put their sticks out, and many are wearing their jersey's, any jersey, to show Humboldt they are in our thoughts.

On the eve of Jersey day we saw a local person offering and giving away 12 jerseys for free so that children without could show their support. We also saw people offering to lend their jerseys out so others without could participate. This is a community in its purest form.

So today as we remember and reflect on how quickly life can change, please hold your loved ones a little bit closer, tell them you love them and remind them how much you value them.

Today, and for many closely affected, every day going forward we will remember those whose lives were lost:

Dayna Brons 24

Parker Tobin 18

Darcy Haugan 42

Brody Hinz 18

Logan Schatz 20

Jason Joseph 20

Adam Herold 16

Mark Cross 27

Tyler Bieber 29

Stephen Wack 21

Logan Hunter 18

Conner Lukan 21

Glen Doerksen

Evan Thomas 18

Jacob Leicht 19

Logan Boulet 21And we send all of our strength, love, and support to the survivors who are currently fighting in the hospital to recover, along with the driver of the semi who is undoubtedly suffering from immense grief.

Today we are all Broncos.


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