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Town Hall Talent Spectacular

Town Hall Talent Spectacular Heritage Acton held their “Town Hall Talent Spectacular” on Friday, May 24th at the Acton Town Hall Centre. A showcase of local performers and groups, the money raised went towards capital expenses at the Acton Town Hall Centre. “It was a fantastic entertaining show which consisted of some of the best acts the community has to offer” said lead organizer Andrew Hilson from Heritage Acton’s Event’s Committee. “Everything from an excellent performance by Crooner Monty Greig through the Hillsview Lines Dancers display, to a touching tribute by the Acton Citizens Band to their late Band Master and founding member of Heritage Acton, George Elliott. There was representation from all sorts of community groups and individuals, plus local businesses. Young and mature alike brought their energy and joy of performing to the event. It was a great opportunity for all forms of art to showcase themselves through this community fundraiser”. Running about two and a half hours, there were seventeen acts who, on average, staged performances between five and ten minutes each. Heritage Acton had a concession table that sold chips, popcorn and drinks. “This event was a great success and everyone had a good time, which is what we hoped for” continues Hilson. “And the Town Hall will benefit by raising donations for the building’s maintenance. What better way to get people out to support a good cause and also be entertained by the best performers our area has to offer”. You can also check out our video coverage here...


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