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Town Joins Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities

Halton Hills, ON – As part of the Town’s advances in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusiveness and anti-racism, a motion was approved at Monday’s Council meeting to join the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. “Joining the coalition, means joining the call to mobilize against racism and discrimination,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. The Town of Halton Hills joins 82 municipal members that have pledged to actively work towards fulfilling the Coalition’s 10 commitments to build an inclusive and equitable society. “It is timely and fitting that the Town of Halton Hills has joined this network, recognizing that the municipality is taking steps to develop a diversity strategy; that we are working with partner organizations such as Halton Region and the Halton Equity Diversity Roundtable as well as supporting local-interest organizations,” said the Mayor. “There is no one solution nor one body that can combat issues of racism and discrimination.” The Coalition commitments are categorized around three areas of municipal responsibility: public interest; human rights and diversity. The 10 commitments are:

  1. Increasing vigilance against systemic and individual discrimination.

  2. Monitoring discrimination in the municipality and taking action to address it.

  3. Supporting individuals who experience discrimination.

  4. Providing police services that are exemplary institutions for fighting discrimination.

  5. Providing equal opportunities as a municipal employer, service provider, and contractor.

  6. Supporting measures that promote equity in the labour market.

  7. Challenging discrimination and promoting diversity and equal opportunities in housing.

  8. Involving citizens by giving them a voice in anti-racism initiatives and decision-making.

  9. Challenging discrimination and promoting diversity and equal opportunities in education and other forms of learning.

  10. Promoting the respect, knowledge, and appreciation of cultural diversity and the inclusion of Indigenous and racialized communities in the cultural fabric of the municipality.

The Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities is a network of Canadian local governments committed to diversity and inclusion that is coordinated by the Canadian Commission for the United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


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