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Truckers Ride For Freedom Across Canada - Freedom Convoy to Roll Through Milton

Since November of 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been warning truckers and transportation companies that the vaccine exemption would no longer apply to them in January of 2022. Since the new mandate, transportation drivers who travel to and from Canada and the USA are being suspended if they do not have their vaccines. According to CTV News, there is an estimation of 12,000 Canadian truckers who are unable to work and cross the border currently. This change in the mandate has caused truckers to protest against the vaccine mandates, other restrictions and the Liberal Government.

On January 17th, 2022, truckers protested on the Manitoba and USA border which caused a long line of traffic and transportation gridlock. The Canadian Trucking Alliance made a comment regarding the protests that are currently happening, “strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways and bridges.”

The overwhelming consensus is that truckers do not approve of a mandate that dictates one being laid off due to a vaccine or personal belief. For, the Canadian government is turning away any transportation worker who is not fully vaccinated. Due to this mandate, there will be a major shortage in truck drivers which means there will also be a major shortage in the transportation of goods. Fewer drivers means higher prices for everything, and due to Covid-19 and other factors, there already has been a large price increase in regular produce and products in stores.

According to the Calgary Herald, the shortage of truck drivers who are able to work has led to a severe lack of product on store shelves. Prices have skyrocketed for fresh produce, things like grapes that used to be 99 cents a pound are now 4.99 a pound. There has been a shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits due to the mandate and it is reported by CTV News that people are having a difficult time feeding their families. Manager and Owner of Winnipeg grocery store Food Fare, Munther Zeid comments, “certain products, oranges, bananas, fresh fruits and vegetables. We’re definitely not getting those in the quantities or in the timeframes we would expect under normal conditions.”

The food market is dependant on truck transport and due to the current vaccine mandate, many individuals including truckers and business owners are being negatively affected by the suspension of truckers. The trucker protests continue and are expected to get more common if the mandates do not change. The Freedom Convoy 2022, raised over $5.5 million through their GoFundMe in hopes to bringing truckers from the USA and Canada to Ottawa in order to protest the mandates. Despite reports of their GoFundMe being “frozen”, the fundraising efforts are still alive and well, and their GoFundMe page is still active. Along with their massive fundraising efforts, the Freedom Convoy may be set to smash the Guinness Book of World Records for "World’s Longest Convoy".

Food, produce and good shortages are to be expected in the future; readers should consider to stock up on necessary items so that they are not in need. Otherwise, it may not be reliably available or be at an astronomical price later.

“I think one thing the media is missing on this story is the overwhelming public support.” says Adrian Wright, member of the Georgetown Freedom Fighters.

Adrian is referring to a CTV poll that showed almost 80% of those polled supporting the Freedom Convoy.

“Similar to polls I saw on vaccine and masks mandates, it seems 70 to 80% of the people stand together against the government on these issues.”

The Freedom Convoy is expected to roll through Milton at around 12pm and 3pm tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 27, 2022).

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe you can go here…


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