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Update for Families of Elementary Students (Kindergarten - Grade 8) HDSB

Dear HDSB families of elementary students, We are writing to inform you that all elementary schools will be closed for students on Monday, Nov. 30. This includes both in-person and virtual schools. We apologize for the late notice of this school closure but we are responding to the many system changes as a result of the shifting enrolments between in-person and virtual school formats. On this day, elementary staff will be preparing for students to change delivery models. Due to the number of students switching between in-person and virtual learning, many classrooms will be impacted by school re-organizations. Your school will inform you if your child’s class is changing. For students who attend Grade 7-12 schools (i.e., Aldershot School and Burlington Central High School), these schools will be closed to students in Grade 7 and 8 only. Thank you for your understanding as we accommodate the shifting enrollment within our schools and between virtual and in-person school formats. Students switching from in-person to virtual school are reminded of the following:

  • Students will hear from their new teacher by the end of the day on Monday, Nov. 30

  • Students must check their Board email to receive an invitation to a new Google Classroom

  • Families are invited to check out the Virtual School websites:

    • Virtual School Elementary - East (Oakville)

    • Virtual School Elementary - West (Burlington)

    • Virtual School Elementary - North (Halton Hills & Milton)

Report Card Delivery Dates and Instructions Report cards will be delivered electronically to parents/guardians (or students 18 and over) using SchoolMessenger’s Secure Document Delivery service. Report cards will be sent on Monday, Nov. 23. To open the link in the SchoolMessenger email to view the report card, parents/guardians will need their student’s Ontario Education Number (OEN). This can be found on a previous report card or your student’s verification form. If you require assistance, please contact your school. Not sure if you’re registered to receive messages from SchoolMessenger?

  • Parents/guardians receiving today’s letter via email (SchoolMessenger) are registered to receive messages from SchoolMessenger and will receive the email to view their child’s report card at this email address.

  • If you are viewing this letter on the HDSB website and are not currently receiving emails from your child’s school/HDSB through SchoolMessenger, please update your contact information by notifying your child’s school.

  • If you previously unsubscribed from SchoolMessenger and wish to re-subscribe, and use the Sign Up link to create an account and manage your subscription preferences. Further information, including training videos, can be found on the HDSB website on the SchoolMessenger webpage.


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