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A Framework for Facing Our Uncertain Future - EcoFilm

Dear Patrons, Please Join us for an enlightening Lecture. Tuesday, October 25, 2022 7:30 pm Get your free tickets at the John Elliott Theatre Box Office From Eco-anxiety to Eco(h)ope: A Framework for Facing Our Uncertain Future Canadians are becoming aware of the potential – and in many instances already present – threats to our environment brought on by climate change, leading many to experience some form of eco-anxiety or even despair. Youth in particular are experiencing anger and frustration. These emotions are all quite understandable and, in some instances, even appropriate. However, left alone, these emotions can lead to despair, inaction, or even depression. Join Simon Appolloni, professor of environmental studies at University of Toronto, as he discusses eco(h)ope, a term he utilizes that encapsulates notions of coping and hoping amidst despair. By changing how we engage with the world around us, we can channel potentially negative emotions so that we can develop some form of resilience within us and hope. Links to our EcoFriends Halton North Peel Naturalist Club Niagara Escarpment VIEWS GASP (Grandm(o)thers Act to Save the Planet) Halton Hills Climate Action Halton Hills Public Library Halton Hills Nature 'W Salon' Hair Salon Georgetown Halton Hills EcoFilm Fest


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