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Acton Couple Brings Orangetheory Fitness Franchise to Georgetown Mall

Orangetheory Fitness is a highly successful franchise operation based in Boca Raton Florida that is now located in 23 countries and includes 116 locations in Canada. The Georgetown facility is among the corporation's newest affiliates, recently opened by Acton residents Amanda and Troy Fagan. This is a 3,800 sq. ft. studio bathed in orange light that has sprung up inside the doors of the Georgetown Mall, where the former Le Chateau clothing store used to be.

The Orangetheory fitness program is in-class heart-rate based intensive interval training that takes place at thirteen different workout stations involving treadmills, rowing machines and weight training devices. Participants cycle through the stations in a one-hour session led by a certified trainer. The workouts emphasize endurance, power and strength, alternating between short periods of intense exercise and long recovery periods. Heart rate monitors are worn by the participants and the metrics are displayed on an overhead screen, and are also available to members after the session.

Another interesting aspect to the program is that each day's fitness template is designed by the corporate office. Members will get a full body workout each time with a unique set of exercises. As well, the InBody 15 second test, given to all members, provides them with statistics such as their metabolic rate, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage among other metrics. “It's not just a weight loss program,” said Amanda.

Amanda and Troy Fagan were members of an Orangetheory Fitness club in Brampton and were impressed with the program. Soon after joining, they began wondering about acquiring a franchise themselves. “We fell in love with the workout, the concept and the brand itself,” said Troy. “But we needed to know that we loved the brand first because it was going to be such a big part of our lives going forward,” said Troy.

The couple was granted a franchise for North Halton in 2019, just before the Covid pandemic shut down all the fitness centres across Canada. In a sense, the couple thinks this may have worked to the their advantage as they weren't locked into a lease with the mall at that time. According to Amanda: “We began construction and pre-sales in May of 2022 and by Nov. 1 we were ready to go.”


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