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Acton's Clay Oven Restaurant is Moving On, New Indian Restaurant coming in August

One of Acton's most popular eateries is closing and moving at the end of this month. July 30 will be the last day for of operations for the family-owned Clay Oven on Mill Street East. But Indian food lovers can take comfort in the fact that a new Indian restaurant will be moving into the building soon after.

Syed Sadeque and his wife Jova met in England where they were going to school, and fell in love while they were working in a restaurant. Their eight-year-old little girl Samiya was born during their sojourn in Acton. “She considers Acton her home,” said Sadeque.

“This is our first restaurant and it's heartbreaking for us to be leaving,” he said. “But Acton gives us hope that we can succeed anywhere. The only problem is that the niche we have was not growing fast enough.”

Accordingly, the couple has found a bigger location in a more populated area--a new incarnation of the Clay Oven will be opening shortly in St.Thomas, Ont.“We want to continue our life experience in a bigger place,” said Sadeque.

Sadeque and his wife have fond memories of Acton. “Mild butter chicken is the most popular dish overall, but the vindaloos and curries are also popular,” according to Sadeque. “We are grateful to Acton. The strength we have right now is because of our customers,” he added. “The new owners will be continuing the tradition we started. And we want to invite everyone to a party we are having at the restaurant on July 30. Acton has been fantastic so please drop in!”


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