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Chief Stephen J. Tanner Celebrates Significant Service Milestone

Chief Stephen J. Tanner of the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has reached an incredible milestone. Currently in his 40th year as a police officer, January 2022 marks an incredible 20 years as a Chief of Police, making him the longest serving active Chief of Police in Canada.

As Chief of Police of the HRPS since 2012, Chief Tanner is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operation of all components of the Service. Each and every day, his outlook remains focused on what he has the honour of doing in service of his community.

“Congratulations to Stephen Tanner on his career milestone of 20 years as a Chief and for being the current longest serving one in all of Canada. This anniversary speaks well of his skill, knowledge and successes leading his services,” says Chair Jeff Knoll of the Halton Police Board. “For the past 10 years of these two decades, Chief Tanner has been servicing Halton, following two postings in Belleville and Kingston. Our community has been and remains well served by Chief Tanner as he leads our service with his progressive and collaborative approach to policing and public safety. On behalf of our Board, we want to both congratulate Chief Tanner on this achievement and thank him for his service. The best is yet to come.”

Chief Tanner is, at his core, a police officer, and holds all responsibilities and rights afforded that role with reverence. Chief Tanner proudly serves alongside nearly 1,100 members of the HRPS who are dedicated to the safety and well-being of their community. Under his leadership, the HRPS works hand-in-hand with the community to ensure Halton remains an enviable place to live, work, and play. He also places the highest priority on the physical and mental health of our members and all frontline responders.


Chief Tanner was born in Oakville, Ontario, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Guelph before entering the policing profession as a member of the HRPS in 1982.

As a member of the HRPS, he worked in a variety of areas, including uniformed patrol, criminal investigations, tactical rescue, training, intelligence, polygraph, and major crime. He also served as the Chair of the Halton Regional Police Association. During his tenure, he was actively involved with the Police Association of Ontario. He currently serves as Chair of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario and is Co-chair of the National Police Services National Advisory Committee.

In 1998, he accepted the position of Deputy Chief of Operations with the Guelph Police Service, a position he held until relocating to Belleville as the Deputy Chief in 2000.

In 2001, he achieved a Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Western Ontario.

In 2002, he was chosen as Belleville's Chief of Police. At that time, at the age of 41, he was one of the youngest Chiefs of Police in Canada. In 2008, he became the Chief of Kingston Police, a position he held for over three years.

In early 2012, he was appointed by the Governor General of Canada as an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces.

In 2012, he returned home to Halton region and was named Chief of the HRPS. Chief Tanner's heart lies with Halton, and he is grateful for the opportunity to serve the diverse and vibrant residents of this great community. He works closely with our diverse community and prioritizes equity, diversity and inclusion along with the need to combat and eliminate racism and discrimination in our community and in our society.


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