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Halton Police Arrest- Armed Take Down In Front of Tim Horton's

Acton's Shell station located at 318 Queen St. was the location of an armed take down by Halton Police Sunday evening. The incident occurred around 8:45 pm at the fuel island beside the Tim Horton's. According to an anonymous witness, several marked and unmarked cars from Halton Police pulled up along side a black Dodge Caravan at the fuel pumps and confronted two occupants with guns drawn.

Sgt Paul Rudall of the Halton Police acknowledged that one male was arrested at the scene and taken into custody on behalf of the Waterloo Regional Police Service. “It's one of those occurrences where you have information that may help another service and we were in a position to help. It just turned out to be a bit of a fluke and we were able to detain somebody and then pass that information on to Waterloo. It went smoothly, it wasn't a planned thing. Waterloo Police have taken over the investigation.”

According to Sgt Rudall, at least two cruisers and a supervisor were involved in the arrest. “Nobody was hurt, everybody was compliant, the male was later transferred to our lock up facility to await pick up by Waterloo Regional Police.” As we went to press, Waterloo Police weren't available for comment.

Correction: the original version of this article said the event took place at "around 6:00pm". It has been corrected to reflect the more accurate time of "around 8:45pm".


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