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Halton Regional Police Service Fit for Duty Policy

Halton Regional Police Service Fit for Duty Policy

Effective October 17, 2018, the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has in place a Fit for Duty Policy that takes into consideration the impending legalization of cannabis in Ontario.

The policy states that all members, volunteers, and workers performing work on behalf of the Service must be fit for duty. In order to support the safety and well-being of HRPS members, the policy also imparts a duty on all members to disclose if they have, or believe they have an addiction or dependency (to alcohol and/or drugs). This duty allows the Service to connect such a member with a treatment plan to support them on their path back to wellness.

The Service has spent considerable effort in consulting extensively with police services across the country with the goal of developing a robust and sustainable fit for duty policy. This consultation included a full environmental scan of best practices and policies in place at other services and across a variety of public-facing and public safety industries.

“We appreciate that our members hold key positions of trust within our community and are given extraordinary powers as they perform their duties in ensuring the safety of others. While we respect that on October 17, it will be legal to consume cannabis, we recognize that we are responsible for ensuring that the safety of HRPS members and that the safety of our community are not compromised as a consequence,” said Chief Stephen Tanner. “It is my expectation that when members are off-duty, they are not consuming alcohol and/or any drugs (including cannabis) or intoxicant in a manner that would render them unfit to perform their duties safely and effectively.”


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