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INTIMATE PARTNER CRIMINAL HARASSMENT After meeting through an online dating platform in the summer of 2019, a male and female were involved in an intimate partnership. The two had no children together and resided apart. Earlier this year, the female ended the relationship with the male after he attended her place of work despite her telling him not to do so. The male then repeatedly attempted to contact the female by phoning and texting her. In one single day, the male phoned the female more than 200 times, using both caller i.d. and no caller i.d., and even while the victim was filing a report with police, the male's phone calls persisted. The male continued to send texts, threatening to attend the victim's place of work. Through an investigation, the officers developed reasonable grounds that the male was criminally harassing the victim, contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. The male was arrested, charged with Criminal Harassment, and was released on an Undertaking. The very next day, he sent a text to the victim and was subsequently re-arrested for Breaching an Undertaking and was held for bail. Upon reporting this crime, the victim was referred to the Halton Regional Police Service Domestic Violence Victim Coordinator within our Victim Services Unit. The Victim Services Unit connects victims to appropriate support services in the community, assists with safety planning and victim care, and, through the Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP), can provide immediate short-term financial support toward essential expenses for victims of violent crime. Criminal harassment, which includes "stalking," is a crime. While many crimes are defined by conduct that results in a very clear physical outcome (for example, murder), the offence of criminal harassment prohibits deliberate conduct that is psychologically harmful to others. Criminal harassment often consists of repeated conduct that is carried out over a period of time and that causes its targets to reasonably fear for their safety but does not necessarily result in physical injury. It may be a precursor to subsequent violent and/or lethal acts.[1] Please note: These allegations have not yet been proven in court. No further details will be provided regarding this investigation. **************************** Every person has the right to feel safe in our community. You are not alone. Victims of intimate partner violence or sexual assault and witnesses are encouraged to contact the Halton Regional Police Service. The following is a list of valuable support services and resources in Halton Region for victims of intimate partner violence and/or sexual violence: Halton Regional Police Service Victim Services Unit 905-825-4777 Halton Women's Place 905-878-8555 (north) or 905-332-7892 (24-hour crisis line) Halton Children's Aid Society 905-333-4441 or 1-866-607-5437 Nina's Place Sexual Assault and Domestic Assault Care Centre 905-336-4116 or 905-681-4880 Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services (SAVIS) 905-875-1555 (24-hour crisis line) [1] A Handbook for Police and Crown Prosecutors on Criminal Harassment – Department of Justice, Government of Canada


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