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A Bewitching Success: Downtown Acton's Trick or Treat on Main and Mill

Ghosts, witches, and superheroes descended upon Downtown Acton in a parade of spooky delight for the annual Trick or Treat on Main and Mill. This year's event turned out to be a howling success, thanks to the remarkable participation of 39 local businesses, residents, and even some spellbinding entertainment—a lady witch dance troupe that charmed the crowd as they danced up and down Mill Street.

A Candy Lover's Paradise

Matthew Galliford, the BIA manager, shared his excitement about the event, stating, "Mill St. was jam-packed full of people." Not only was there a high footfall, but the treat distribution was also off the charts. "I went and spoke to many of the business owners and asked how they did candy wise and a lot of them said they got close to handing out 1000 pieces of candy," Galliford revealed. Talk about a sugar rush!

All Smiles and Happy Businesses

While kids—and adults—had their fill of sweets, the event brought more than just candy to the community. Galliford enthused, "There were lots of smiley faces and lots of happy businesses." In a place where community and commerce meet, the significance of the businesses that keep the town alive was not lost on anyone.

"One of the most important things that we try to get everybody to recognize is without the businesses of downtown Acton this event could not happen. Through their generosity, they provide the candy to trick or treat, they supply extra staff to do the handouts. They are the heart of this community. They keep this place running, they keep the street pumping," Galliford said.

Spook Local, Shop Local

Councillor Clark Somerville chimed in on this sentiment, emphasizing the role of local businesses in community events like these. "It shows the importance of supporting your local merchants because everything today was paid for by your local merchants. Shop Local," he urged.

Community Spirit Alive and Well

Adding a dash of political unity to the magical mix, Councillor Alex Hilson shared, "Community events are super important to the feel of the town and Downtown Acton's Trick or Treat is one of the best events in my opinion that we have in this community. It was great to see so many people out this year."

Pumpkins Here!!!

Sarah Brophy Platts, known as Acton’s Favourite Realtor, made a significant contribution to the festivities by handing out 336 pumpkins. "We're thrilled to have hosted our Annual Pumpkin Giveaway in Acton, in partnership with the Downtown BIA," Sarah said. "We gave out 336 pumpkins with support from local businesses like Cody's Cows, R&M Construction, and Terra Cotta Cookies. Special thanks to Acton Townhall Centre, Downtown BIA, and the Town of Halton Hills for their continued support. It takes a village, and this is ours!"

Sarah is also hosting a Pumpkin Promenade on November 1st at Acton Town Hall at 6 pm. Come down to showcase your decorated pumpkins and be part of another extraordinary community event!

A Ghoulishly Good Contest

As if the day wasn't enchanting enough, the event also marked the public launch of the new Acton UP app, and the 'Get Your Money UP Halloween Costume Contest’ and the ‘Get Your Money UP Pumpkin Contest’. With each contest offering a prize of $100 to the winner.

Those interested in participating or viewing the eerie and creative entries can find more information here.

In a world that often can feel plagued by real-life monsters, the ghosts and ghouls of Downtown Acton reminded everyone that sometimes, it's good to put on a mask and share a little sweetness.

To view more photos from the day visit our new photo gallery.


What an absolutely amazing afternoon it was! So many smiling people, dancing witches, and generous, hardworking businesses. My family enjoyed the day immensely, and it definitely reinforced our resolve to always shop local first. Thank you! ❤️


Chris Golden
Chris Golden
Oct 29, 2023

Great event

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